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Ski in Mendoza

These sports are considered adventure tourism by excellence when taken to their most critical extremes.
Extreme skiing and snowboard show a higher level of peril compared to that found at normal downhill tracks.
Extreme skiing consists on descending a very steep mountain and going through a rough terrain with skis only.
People realising this activity encounter themselves with the difficulty of an uneven terrain, being forced to apply their best techniques prioritising safety above the less important descending speed.
Extreme skiing is practiced at snow-capped mountains, out of the ski centres' domains, therefore you need to know the environment, the different types of crispy snow, meteorology and climbing techniques.
Those willing to discover new amusing sensations on snow dust can incursion on snowboarding. To practice this activity you do not need to know how to ski, for this specialty requires completely different, simple and easy to learn manoeuvres.
As in the case of extreme skiing, you can choose the spot from which you want to descend; besides of having the chance of performing jumps and free falls that amaze spectators while performing a great show.
The best way of mastering these sports is by training periodically to improve your technique, and pushing your body to a safety limit only.

Ski was included as a sports discipline in the Olympic Games of 1924, and in Argentina, the Otto mountain, located in San Carlos de Bariloche, was the first site for a ski competition taking place in the early 1930s.

Since those years, sliding through the steep and snowed mountains of the Argentinean cordilleras congregated enthusiasts of this classical white sport and added new addicts to snowboard and other sports.

Winters resorts and snow parks, from Mendoza to Ushuaia, display a varied infrastructure of hotels and restaurants placed in the middle of the mountains.

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At the defying Andean slopes, you can practice Alpine skiing or go through ample valleys and snowed plains taking part on a Nordic ski race. You need only to choose the place and imagine the descent through the tracks. You should consider coordinating a timetable for ski lessons at a specialized school, and renting the equipment and the proper clothing if necessary.

The Catedral (San Carlos de Bariloche / Río Negro) and the Chapelco (San Martin de los Andes / Neuquén) mountains are winter sport centres known worldwide. The Cerro Boya and the Caviahue mountains, also in the province of Neuquén, hold modern winter stations. La Hoya, with important ski tracks, stands close to the locality of Esquel, in Chubut. Endurance skiing is practiced at numerous winter centres of Tierra del Fuego. Vallecitos, Los Penitentes and the famous Valle de Las Leñas valley, in the province of Mendoza, are resorts where skiing is practiced with the support of modern installations. The season goes from June to September with a great affluence of sportspeople and aficionados from all over the world.


It is located only 174 kilometres away from the capital of the province and close to the border with Chile. Watched over by the Aconcagua mountain, the highest peak in America rising 4 kilometres away, the excellent quality of its snow is the same in all the tracks, which are surrounded by unmatchable landscapes. It is a classical of winter sports and can be reached going through the Ruta Internacional Nº 7 International Route, a totally paved road with no cliff sections. Lodges are at the base of the mountain, thus guests may part and return skiing up to the entrance of the establishment.

Inaugurated in 1979, the Los Penitentes winter compound has currently over 300 hectares of skiing surface. The best dry and compact snow dust is distributed along 28 tracks of different lengths and unevenness, suitable for starters, amateurs and experts. Several of them have been certified by the FASA and the FIS (*) and stage diverse competitions.

Since last season, Los Penitentes lures skiers with chopper-skiing, a practice that allows adventuring into off-track skiing on crispy snow at 3000 meters of altitude. If you can not picture yourself on this risky group, you can always soar up on a helicopter and fly over nothing but the top of the Aconcagua mountain.

Los Penitentes also offers ski lessons given by an experienced group of instructors, besides a snow kindergarten so the kids can enjoy the mountain as well.

The lodging infrastructure is all located at the foot of the mountain so guests can ski in and out of the premises, and comprises 1950 beds distributed among hostels as well as four star hotels.

Having the Sun of Mendoza as a loyal mountain partner, skiing at Los Penitentes becomes a true pleasure.

How to get there:
You can take the Ruta Nacional Nº 7 National Route that links the main provinces of the country with Santiago de Chile; it is a totally paved road with no cliff sections. It can also be accessed from Mendoza going through the Ruta Nacional Nº 40 that runs across Argentina from north to south.

Arrival by plane is at the Francisco Gabrielli airport, located 6 kilometres away from the city of Mendoza. There are daily flights to Buenos Aires with transfers at the Ezeiza airport to connect with international departures.
There are different companies providing bus services connecting the province of Mendoza with the rest of the nation and the bordering countries. There are regular transportation services linking Mendoza and Los Penitentes.

From mid June to late August, divided into high and low seasons.

The average temperature is of 1º C during the southern hemisphere's winter, oscillating between - 4º and 7º C. The weather is dry with many sunny days.

Competition, extreme, Alpine and Nordic skiing; snowboard and chopper-skiing.

Ski lessons, snow kindergarten, mall shopping, nursery, disco, etc.

THE VALLE DE LAS LEÑAS VALLEY - (Malargüe - Mendoza)
Regarding skiing, the irresistible attraction has a name with a Cuyo accent: it is called Valle de las Leñas, an exclusive high mountain skiing resort, with an infrastructure suitable for the most demanding skiers, first class lodging, unbeatable snow quality, ski and snowboard lessons, tracks covered with fabricated snow, and the Snow Tubing system, to slide down a toboggan at eye height with the white mantle.

It is a ski compound specially designed for those wishing to leave the hotel wearing their skies, for it is built above the tracks. There are neither woods nor lakes, just the mountain with its ample surfaces covered in white. It has 60 kilometres of tracks distributed according to a grade of difficulty suitable for starters, amateurs and experts; besides 24 kilometres of off-track slopes for the true experts.
Among the facilities offered there are modern lifts, nurseries, snow kindergartens, ski lessons, luxurious hotels, restaurants, discos and casinos.
It is one of the most sought complexes for its excellent services.

Without a doubt, Las Leñas is one of the most important ski centres in Argentina due to the unmatchable quality of its snow, its tracks suitable for all levels of difficulty, its endurance skiing and other unbeatable areas for practicing off-track.
It is also the highest, with a 1200 meter drop from the summit standing at 3340 meters, and the base at 2240 meters, thus creating a paradise for extreme skiing and chopper-skiing; contemplating options for starters and amateurs as well.
The 230 hectares of grounds suitable for skiing, show an internationally renowned quality of snow as a result of its dry weather.
It has a slalom stadium and 26 fitted tracks with a maximum length of 7050 meters, among which one of the longest tracks in the world for intermediate level stands out. They can be accessed by 13 lifts, and in case the weather conditions fail to provide the necessary amount of snow, Las Leñas has a modern artificial snow factory.
Practicing off-track skiing at Las Leñas and spending the night at the Valle Hermoso high mountain refuge, or using trekking skies covered with seal's fur, is an indescribable experience for advanced skiers keeping in good shape.

With first class lodging and restaurants, ski and snowboard lessons, among other services, Las Leñas is nothing but a classical.

How to get there
It is a little under 450 kilometre drive from the capital of the province, and a 1200 kilometre drive if coming from Buenos Aires through the Rutas Nacionales Nº 7,188,143, 144, 40 and the Provincial Nº 222 up to Las Leñas, 20 kilometres past the locality of Los Molles.
There are flights from Buenos Aires to the airport of Malargüe, and from there a transfer to Las Leñas. There are direct flights from Sao Paulo in Brazil to Malargüe during the high season.

From the 11th of June to the 24th of September, divided into high, medium, low and special seasons.

Cold is mild at daytime and very cold at night during the southern hemisphere's winter. Temperatures oscillate between 11.7º and - 1.4º C.

ski, snowboard, snow motorbikes.

lodging, restaurants, nursery, medical clinic, institutional museum.

THE CERRO BAYO MOUNTAIN SKI CENTRE (Villa la Angostura - Neuquén)
A mountain with a medium infrastructure and an splendid landscape of woods, lakes and cordillera. It has a great variety of activities for young tourists. Along all these years, it turns out to be impossible not to associate Villa La Angostura with the Cerro Bayo mountain, with a ski resort of unique characteristics.

It is nine kilometres away from Villa La Angostura (Neuquén), and was designed in the 1970s by Jean Pierre Raemdonck. It is a compound with 20 kilometres of European style tracks.
Those who have visited it, point out the quality of the place for cross-country and off-track skiing. There are organized activities meant to amuse the children.
The scenery surrounding the mountain, with a view of the Nahuel Huapi lake and its beautiful cabins, turn this centre into a daydream place.

Emblem of Villa La Angostura since 1978, Cerro Bayo embraces its ski resort with a beautiful natural landscape. Surrounded by woods and a majestic view of the Nahuel Huapi lake, it is very close to the mountain city and offers about 200 hectares for the practice of Alpine skiing with a 700 meter drop.

Bayo constitutes the proper environment for starters and advanced skiers, who have 28 signalised tracks at their disposition, along with 12 lifts. Good black tracks, deep snow at the canyon, and unmatchable off-track circuits going across unalloyed woods from the summit to the base.

In a privileged natural environment, lodging facilities and restaurants in La Angostura conjoin with the familiar spirit of Cerro Bayo to ensure an excellent winter vacation while enjoying skiing.

How to get there:
Located 10 kilometres away from Villa de Angostura in the province of Neuquén, and only 6 kilometres away through the Ruta Nacional Nº 231, known as the lake route. Driving from Buenos Aires is through the Ruta Nacional Nº 3, Provincial Nº 51, then and the Nacionales Nº 22, 237, 231, 5, 152, 143 and the Provincial Nº 20 at La Pampa. Finally through the Nacionales Nº 151, 22, 237 and 231.
Flights arrive at the San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport (Teniente Luis Candelaria), 85 kilometres away from the city.

Medium from the 30th of June to 6th of July. High from the 7th of July to the 3rd of August.

Alpine skiing, snowboard, off-track.

Restaurants, gear rental, ski and snowboard lessons, nursery, snow kindergarten, parking and security.

THE CERRO CATEDRAL MOUNTAIN (San Carlos de Bariloche) It has one of the largest surfaces in the continent suitable for skiing, it also has first class lifts and artificial snow guaranteeing the practice of skiing at the foot of the mountain during all seasons.

Cerro Catedral
Its peaks resemble the towers of a medieval gothic temple, hence its name. The Catedral mountain, located 19 kilometres away from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, opens pathways for earthlings anxious of experiencing the adventure winter sports promise to deliver.

Standing at 2200 meters above sea level, the Catedral mountain appears to be seeking to connect heaven and earth. A pioneer among ski centres in South America, it is currently the most complete one and continues to improve its installations to offer visitors the most advanced infrastructure. Beginning this season, the linking of its sectors will provide visitors with 600 hectares of surface suitable for skiing, divided into 53 well signalised tracks of different levels of difficulty reaching 2000 meter above sea level heights.

With the chance of practicing all ski modalities, including off-track, those enjoying freestyle and snowboard will find an area specially designed with bumps and rails to show their abilities. Catedral is also scenario for the most important international competitions.

The modernization process applied to its 28 means of lifting will soon make possible an improvement of 70% on passengers' capacity. Moreover, the lift procedures will be hastened by a hands-free pass system that works with radio frequencies and allows access to the lifter without having to produce the pass for it is detected inside a pocket or a backpack.

Besides, Catedral has an advanced system for snow production that delivers real snowflakes covering a surface of about 10 hectares suitable for skiing.

Catedral has two sectors ran by different firms. The northern sector is operated by Catedral Alta Patagonia and holds, besides the cable car and the Lynch chair…

It is important to point out that Catedral Alta Patagonia will keep its last season's fees for lift passes.

How to get there
Coming from Bariloche, through the Bustillo avenue up to the 8th milepost (in kilometres, at Catedral's crossing); then to the left through a paved road leading to the ski centre and its 960 vehicle free parking lot. There is also a regular bus service every 30 minutes, or else you may take a taxi, a rented car with a chauffer, or book on a tourist excursion.

from the 12th of June to the 3rd of October, divided into high, medium and low.

from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Alpine, endurance, cross-country and off-track skiing, snowboard, sleighs, paragliding, trekking , mountaineering and mountain bike.

inns, first class restaurants, lockers, clothes and souvenir shops, photo developing, medical service at the foot of the mountain, phone booths and access to the Internet at the base and station 1600, ski rental, ample parking area, information centre, nursery, ski lessons, shopping mall, discos, transportation to the mountain, press room, four wheel and snow motorbikes.

It is immersed in the geography of the End of the World and its means of lifting are of the latest generation. It has a varied offer of tracks and off-tracks ideal for all kinds of demands.

In the limits of the Patagonia, and commencing its 4th season, you will discover the newest ski centre in Argentina and the southern most in the world…

Cerro Castor
It is 25 kilometres away from Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), in the end of the world, though the journey is worth of taking if you wish to ski across the woods and magnificent untamed landscapes.
It has 15 tracks characterized for having the best snow dust in the country, and that is why foreigner professional teams arrive yearly for training.
The skiing season lasts longer than in other places due to its southernmost location. Cerro Castor is the most recently built centre in Argentina, and is inaugurating its fifth season. It is very close to Tierra del Fuego's capital city, a place where the mountains and the ocean come together to create a dazzling geography. Castor is only 195 meters above sea level and reaches its peak at 1057 meters.

With a skiing drop equivalent to 772 meters, Cerro Castor distributes its 20 kilometres in a total of 19 differentiated tracks with off-track sectors as well. Endurance skiing is the outstanding sports practice, with circuits going through the woods that can also be trekked with racquet snowshoes.

Contrary to popular believe, Castor has a very nice weather and the best quality of snow dust, due to its temperature's stability, having one of the longest seasons in South America.

Last generation means of lifting, ski and snowboard lessons, and all the complementary services to the infrastructure and scenery provided by Ushuaia, turn Cerro Castor into a complete centre for skiing at the limits of the earth.

How to get there: It is 26 kilometres away from Ushuaia, which has an international airport and a tourist port capable of docking large cruisers. It can also be accessed by land through the Ruta Nacional Nº 3.

from the 11th of June to the 12th of October.

temperatures oscillate between 5º and - 5º C during the southern hemisphere's winter.

skiing and snowboard.

ski lessons, first aid dispensary, boutique.

CHAPELCO (San Martín de los Andes)
A family ski centre with progressive all-level tracks and natural woods. Excursions to the Lácar and Nonthué lakes are an incomparably beautiful option.

Cerro Chapelco
(during the winter)
(San Martín de los Andes)
At only 19 kilometres from San Martín de los Andes, Chapelco offers the fun of an unforgettable ski season going way into the southern hemisphere's spring. Lots of sun, excellent snow quality and services…

Tetrathlon Chapelco
(San Martín de los Andes)
The Chapelco Tetrathlon, taking place during the first week of September, is one of the most important combined competitions in Argentina and awaited with much expectation. It is disputed on a difficult circuit…

Like a sentinel watching San Martín de los Andes, the Chapelco mountain holds one of most attractive ski centres in the Argentinean Patagonia, at 1980 m.a.s.l. Located 19 kilometres away from the mountain village, this internationally renowned complex combines adrenaline and landscape throughout its 20 tracks, with different difficulty levels and excellent snow quality. The imposing view of the Lácar lake, the silence of the woods and the impressive presence of the Lanín breaking the cordilleran horizon, turn this place into a unique option for the practice of winter sports.

Besides the modern infrastructure and the beauty of its surroundings, Chapelco is one of the safest and most reliable ski centres in the world. Its 140 hectares of skiing grounds, with slopes varying between 20º and 45º and with a 730 meter drop, have the permanent presence of highly trained patrols going about the tracks and possess fixed posts at various points of the mountain as well.

Chapelco offers the possibility of practicing different ski modalities: Alpine, endurance and cross-country. Likewise, its tracks are chosen by snowboard lovers, who display their dexterities in the four categories of this sport: half pipe, parallel slalom, big air and fun park, at the snowboard park located at the end of the Graeff lifter on platform 1700.

You may enjoy rides on snow motorbikes, on sleighs pulled by Siberian huskies, or treks across untamed woods on racquet snowshoes.

How to get there: you must take the Ruta Nacional Nº 234 from San Martín de los Andes, bordering the Lácar lake, and then through the Ruta Nacional Nº 19 for five more kilometres until reaching the base of the mountain.

from the 18th of June to the closing of the season, divided into low, medium and high.

Alpine, endurance, cross-country and off-track skiing, snowboard, sleigh and snow motorbike rides, and treks wearing racquet snowshoes.

first class restaurants, lockers, gear and souvenir shops, photo developing, medical service at the foot of the mountain, phone booths and access to the Internet at the base and at the station 1600, ski rental, ample parking area, information centre, nursery and transportation to the mountain.


It is only 13 kilometres away from Esquel, and offers 150 hectares of skiing grounds with all-level tracks suitable for the practice of Alpine and resilience skiing, and snowboard.

La Hoya Ski Center (Esquel)
La Hoya is 13 kilometres away from the city of Esquel, located at 1200 meters above sea level at the base, and at 2150 meters at its white summits. It offers visitors 60 hectares of surface…

La Hoya
Located beside the Los Alerces National Park, La Hoya comprises a landscape of woods, lakes and waterfalls of unmatchable beauty. This winter complex is nearby the city of Esquel, and standing at 1200 meters above sea level. Its privileged geographical location allows making early use of the snow, beginning the first days of June. Its white peaks, reaching 2150 meters, host 60 hectares of skiing grounds with ample tracks suitable for all levels of difficulty.

Its snow dust is a true aggregated value, kept fresh throughout the year thanks to the mountain's orientation regarding the sun. Starters, amateurs, experts and professionals find an excellent scenario for the practice of Alpine and endurance skiing and snowboard. Besides, it offers a cross-country area, a snow motorbike circuit and spectacular off-tracks of deep snow.

4400 skiers can access its 24 tracks each hour through 9 lifts. La Hoya has a modern system of artificial snow that keeps the quality of the tracks during winters with slight snowfalls, thus offering skiers a much safer environment.

La Hoya has a very good infrastructure that allows the chance of enjoying the snow without taking risks, and that is why family groups frequently visit it.

How to get there: it is located in the north-western part of the province of Chubut, 13 kilometres away from the city of Esquel. There are paved routes from Bariloche, Trelew, Puerto Madryn, Neuquén and Buenos Aires, 1850 kilometres away from Esquel.

from the early days of June to mid October.

temperatures oscillate between - 5º and 10º C during the southern hemisphere's winter.

Alpine, resilience and cross-country skiing, and snowboard.

restaurants, ski and snowboard lessons, snow kindergarten, nursery and mini shopping mall.

Batea Mahuida Ski Center
The Batea Mahuida volcano extinguished its wrath forever, and let a lagoon settle in its crater. It swapped fire for water and allowed the Mapuche people, historic inhabitants…

Skiing in Vadelén
(Río Turbio)
At only four kilometres from the locality of Río Turbio you will find Mina 1, housing an integration and amusing centre, known as Vadelén (short for Valle de Lengas)…

It is a small integrated mountain centre located a few kilometres away from a tourist village with a population of 550. It has all the indispensable services for skiing.


Mendoza Adventure Travel & Tours ...

Between the multiple possibilities of amusement and adventure that the Provincia de Mendoza Province offers, there are several winter activity centres and, of course, Ski resorts.
These are sporting complexes equipped with all necessary fittings to turn the tourist's visit into a real adventure. In addition, they are recognized world wide for the spectacular frame of the Andean Cordillera Mountainrange and for the operative and hotel facilities developed around them.
An extra bonus of these Ski resorts is the nearness to important hot springs, very appropriate for rest and relaxation. Some of the most important and well known are.

Located only at 79 Kilometres from Ciudad de Mendoza city, this is the oldest Ski Centre in the province. Its slopes lengths total five kilometres and occupy a square area of 88 hectares. The base level is at 2900 m.a.s.l. The centre includes an inn and several shelters.

Los Penitentes
This Centre is 165 kilometres from Ciudad de Mendoza City and only a few from the neighbouring Republic of Chile. The base level is at 2580 m.a.s.l. and is composed by 17 tracks with all levels, and a total length of 17 kilometres.
It counts with eight modern ski lifts and the height of the top is at 3194 metres. This centre is worldwide known for the quality of its tracks and a world-famed hotel. There are also inns, apartments, candy shops, restaurants and a service station. You can practice Nordic and alpine skiing, competitions, snow games, sledges, snowboard and snow cat. It is also a very important mountain climbing site. Five kilometres away you can reach Puente del Inca Bridge, where there are also lodging facilities.

Las Leñas
Located in Malargüe. This is a modern complex that includes 12 skiing tracks with 32 combinations that amount to 60 kilometres. The total skiing surface is 3800 hectares, good for all kind of skiers. There are 11 lifts that carry an average of 10000 skiers an hour. It presents the longest continuous downhill slope in Argentina with 7050 metres when combining the Apolo, Neptuno and Venus tracks. The height of the top is at 3430 metres and its skiing slope reaches 1174 metres. You can also practice other winter activities like sledges, snowboard and several other outdoor activities.
This paradisiacal complex offers an international level hotel service and every necessary service equipped with the highest technology available. Besides the casino, gymnasium, restaurants and supermarkets, there are skiing lessons for beginners and experienced sportsmen. The specialties are long distance and alpine ski.

The Valles del Plata Valleys.
At only 8 kilometres from ciudad de Mendoza city, in Lujan de Cuyo. It displays 12 tracks amounting to 4740 metres long, and a total skiing area of 100 hectares. The continuous downhill maximum length of its tracks is 2400 metres with a skiing slope of 450 metres. There are seven lifts that can carry 2400 skiers an hour. The top altitude is at 3350 metres. You can organize other activities like horse riding and mountain climbing. You will also find every support services to practice Snow cat, Snowboard, Snow Polo, etc.

There is a choice of off-road skiing for expert skiers. Here the sportsman is taken in a helicopter to more than 3000 metres to a place where there are a set of tracks on natural terrain. For the non-skiers, there are sightseeing tours flying to the mythical Aconcagua Mountain Peak.


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