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Trekking or hiking is an activity practiced in all kinds of terrains and has no restrictions as to age, sex or physical condition.
As in any other activity, there are different grades of difficulty that can be gradually tried by means of acquiring experience. Circuits are divided into four grades of difficulty: low, medium, moderate and hard.
This specialty has variants such as ascension trekking, which requires of a previous physical training and knowing some basic safety rules. It is good to take into consideration your own capacity in order to adequate it to a certain level of difficulty when trekking; It is recommended to hike through signalised trails only and to use a walking stick, for it carries 8% of the body weight.
Lastly, when gathering your gear to embark on an expedition, you have to remember that every person can carry up to 20% of their own weight at the most, to avoid back and waist aches; therefore, you are advised to carry the essential equipment only.

Ascending the mythical Cerro Uritorco mountain (Capilla del Monte)
At the Calabalumba riverbanks and 3 kilometres away from the centre of Capilla del Monte, thousands of tourists, meta-physicists and enthusiasts from all over the world, gather together to ascend...

Glacier chronicles (El Calafate)
Like in Ray Bradbury's landscapes, hiking through the Perito Moreno glacier triggers the imagination towards a sci-fi tale. An experience to discover and be awed by this famous mass of ice.

So close so beautiful (El Calafate)
At only 30 kilometres from the entrance to the Los Glaciares National Park, the sector of catwalks of the Perito Moreno glacier is an excellent place for contemplating the majestic beauty of its ice blocks.

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El Chaltén (El Calafate)
It is a town located at about 220 kilometres from El Calafate, going through the Ruta Provincial Nº 11, the Nacional Nº 40 and the Provincial Nº 23. It is the youngest locality in Argentina with a…

Adventure tourism at El Calafate (El Calafate)
The aficionados of adventure sports have the chance of realizing a great number of activities related to these matters in the surrounding area of Calafate, but undoubtedly...

A corner in the world (El Calafate)
In the midst of the steppe and next to the river, always accompanied by the austral winds as in any ranch in Santa Cruz, Rincón (Corner) opens its doors to show its landscape and history.

Once upon a time... (El Calafate)
Millions of years ago, the Patagonian steppe was a warm environment with a leafy vegetation. At 110 kilometres from El Calafate, the petrified wood of La Leona is another vestige of those times.

Trekking to the Capri lagoon (El Chaltén)
You can realize various treks from the locality of El Chaltén that will lead you to know the Los Glaciares National Park, in which you will enjoy nature in all its splendour…

Untamed beauty (El Chaltén)
El Chaltén is a small village inside the Los Glaciares National Park surrounded by unmatchable natural beauty, only 220 kilometres away from the city of El Calafate.

Trail is made by walking (El Chaltén)
At only fifteen kilometres from El Chaltén, the El Pilar lodging house is the starting and arriving point for hikers and climbers eager to discover and explore these latitudes.

Trekking to the Laguna del Desierto lagoon (El Chaltén)
You can take a 37-kilometre trek from the locality of El Chaltén to a little explored place of amazing beauty and extraordinary possibilities such as the Desierto lagoon.

Trekking to the De Los Tres and Sucia lagoons (El Chaltén)
You can realize this trek from the town of El Chaltén, and if you have taken the hike up to the Capri lagoon, you can start from there. It is ideal to wear trekking shoes to realise this hike…

Trekking and climbing to the Torre glacier (El Chaltén)
After a restoring night and an unforgettable dawn at the Capri lagoon, you will take a trip towards the Cerro Torre glacier. After an hour and a half hike you will arrive at the foot of the mountain, where you will find…

Adventure tourism with Iguazú Forest (Puerto Iguazú)
The forest roads will take hold of your existence. Red, green, wild, they will incite you to walk them to discover the enigmas of the Guaraní shamans. You can realize multiple activities that will prepare you…

Iguazú Falls (Puerto Iguazú)
It is undoubtedly the pretty girl of the province of Misiones and one of the most imposing natural attractions in Argentina, and why not say it, in America.

An embrace with nature (Puerto Iguazú)
To which qualifying adjective can we resort to describe the Iguazú Falls? To say that they are unique, unexplainable, powerful, imposing, majestic, magnificent, cool, marvellous or gigantic…

Sierra Grande circuit (San Luis)
A half-day walk that allows us to know picturesque towns, beautiful sierra landscapes, monumental engineering works and moving historic monuments.

A paradise amongst the sierras (San Luis)
Very close to the capital of the province, a beautiful tourist village allows a glimpse of its beauty for tourists to choose it as their relaxation place.

A mine of emotions (San Luis)
Mining tourism at the sierras of San Luis. An unforgettable experience amongst the deep mine galleries where valuable minerals of the terrestrial crust can be appreciated.

Trekking to Cerro Colorado (San Martín de los Andes)
Departing from San Martín de los Andes through the Ruta Nacional Nº 234 bound to Junín de los Andes, you will reach a bifurcation on your left hand, beside the Virgen de la Montaña. There you take the Ruta…

In the peak of freedom (San Martín de los Andes)
Ascending one of the most attractive and mythical Andean massifs in the Patagonia, the Lanín volcano, is an unforgettable experience leading us to communicate with our innermost emotions.

Catritre beach and Quila Quina town (San Martín de los Andes)
Leaving the city through the Ruta Nacional Nº 234, of the seven lakes, you will find the access to the Catritre beach after a 4-kilometre walk. You can reach it descending a zigzag mountain road…

Trekking to the Laguna Verde lagoon (San Martín de los Andes)
A drive away from San Martín de los Andes through the so called route of the seven lakes (Ruta Nacional Nº 234), bordering the Lácar lake to the right and bound to the base of the Chapelco mountain, at a 20 kilometre distance…

Trekking to the Islita (San Martín de los Andes)
You do not need to be in optimum physical shape to enjoy an amusing trek in the surrounding area of San Martín de los Andes, at only 5 kilometres from the city centre, going through sinuous trails up to the Islita (little isle).

Trekking to the Laguna Verde lagoon and the Mirador del Pedregoso vantage point. (San Carlos de Bariloche)
You can realise an educational trek along with your family departing from the Neumeyer Refuge, going across a leafy wood and the Laguna Verde lagoon until encountering the Pedregoso vantage point, where you will see…

Trekking to the Valle de los Perdidos valley (San Carlos de Bariloche)
In order to realise this one-hour trek with all your family you must go to the Neumeyer Refuge, located 20 kilometres away from Bariloche going through the Ruta Nacional Nº 258 towards El Bolsón.

Trekking and climbing the Castaña Overa Glacier (San Carlos de Bariloche)
If you are a fan of nature sports you cannot deny yourself the chance of knowing a glacier from real close. That is why travelling to Bariloche will mean facing a countless number of opportunities.

Neumeyer Refuge - Valle del Chalhuaco valley (San Carlos de Bariloche)
At 18 kilometres from the city of Bariloche, bound southeast, you will find the Andean Club's Dr. Juan Neumeyer Refuge in the middle of the Nahuel Napi National Reserve, a place in which you can take 8 interesting hikes…

Exploring the limits of the Earth (Ushuaia)
A journey remitting to the beginnings of the Earth's evolution. The starting point of an experience across the boundaries of civilization, where adventure and contemplation are ever present.

Martial glacier (Ushuaia)
At 7 kilometres from the city going through the totally paved and signalised Ruta Nacional Nº 3, you will find the Martial glacier, which constitutes the most important source of fresh water in Ushuaia…

Trail to the Laguna Negra lagoon (Aluminé)
It is in the rural settlement of Lefimán, which is 45 minutes away from the Quillén Forester's Sectional, at 45 kilometres from Aluminé. It is convenient to stick to the wire fence in order to follow the trail easily, by the left…

Trail from the Lago Quillén lake to Rucachoroy (Aluminé)
The trail is signalised with red and yellow marks consisting on metal tops pinned to the tree trunks, stakes or painted stones. There are some confusing spots on the first stage, by tracks…

Trail from the Lahuen Co to the Huechulafquen lake (Junín de los Andes)
The woods are thick closed from the very beginning, and has an opened sector only a little further where it is possible to see some dispersed araucarias. The terrain is flat along the journey…

Trail of the Escorial (Dross) (Junín de los Andes)
During its 15 minute long first stage, the trail goes through the dross of the Achen Ñiyeu volcano, then it moves away until reaching the mouth of the Escorial stream at the Epulafquen lake…

Trekking in Tierra del Fuego (Tolhuin)
Trekking circuits open like a fan of possibilities in Tierra del Fuego, proposing privileged adventures in the limits of the Earth…

Trekking in the Lago Escondido lake (Tolhuin)
Located in an spectacular place, you have to take the Ruta Nacional Nº 3 from Tolhuin to the south. The access dirt road borders the Fagnano lake over the southern riverbanks during its first phase. An almost unalloyed landscape…

Adventure tourism around the Cerro Áspero mountain (Villa de Merlo)
A circuit combining four wheel drives and trekking across the Merlo sierras, leading us to unveil the vestiges of a town frozen in time among beautiful cascades and falls.

Trekking and rappel in Salto del Tabaquillo (Villa de Merlo)
Submerged on a dense foothill, we realize an exhaustive mountain trekking up to a refreshing waterfall. Adventure is on every step of the way, and you can complete the excursion with a vertiginous rappel.

A hike across the districts of Merlo (Villa de Merlo)
Become dazzled by the blinding and picturesque sierra surroundings of Merlo, and discover their natural and architectonic charms in a trek through the most important places of the locality.

Atuel river: pure energy a few steps away from San Rafael (San Rafael)
An environment attracting not only tourists but also geological investigators can be enjoyed along this hike.

Valle Hermoso: The Mecca of adventure sports (San Rafael)
Located in the midst of Mendoza's mountain range, it is a valley where adventure tourism can be fully enjoyed among friends and family as well.

Low impact adventure sports (General Roca)
The uneven terrain manifest in the surrounding areas of General Roca, is suitable for the practice of several adventure sports...

Excursion to La Cumbrecita (Villa General Belgrano)
At 38 kilometres from Villa General Belgrano, we can know an unforgettable and paradisiacal place located in the eastern skirts of the Sierras Grandes de Córdoba when visiting La Cumbrecita.

Cerro Zeballos mountain - Trekking (Los Antiguos)
Equipped with a good camping gear, mountain outfit and footwear, and enough supplies, you can realize a very interesting excursion to the Cerro Zeballos mountain in the surroundings of Los Antiguos…

Trekking to Peñas Blancas (Humahuaca)
From the center of the city of Humahuaca, we can take a 2 kilometre long mini trek over the left banks of the Río Grande river, and know the Archaeological Deposit of Peñas Blancas.

Trekking to the Cabeza de Indio (- Indian Head - El Bolsón)
At six kilometres from the Andean region you will find a curious rock formation that, due to the erosive actions of the wind and the rain, resembles the silhouette of a native.

Trekking to Cerro de la Cruz mountain (Villa Carlos Paz)
Trekking aficionados have the chance of taking an amusing hike up to the Cerro de la Cruz mountain, where they will find a space of solace with a beautiful panoramic view of Villa San Carlos.

Trekking through the ruins of Divisadero (Cafayate)
At seven kilometres southeast from Cafayate, you can go across the ancient settlement of Diaguita-Calchaquí and appreciate notable vestiges of this ethnic group in the open air.

Adventure tourism in Puerto Madryn (Puerto Madryn)
The multiplicity of spaces offered by the city of Puerto Madryn for the practice of extreme sports or alternative tourism, places this city as one of the…

Valle de los Dinosaurios valley - Cachi, Valles Calchaquíes, El Rey National Park, Quebrada del Toro, Valle Encantado, highlands and deserts at Atacama, Chañi snow-capped mountain, and all the cordilleran zone in general, accessible from Salta, Cachi, and Cafayate

Buenos Aires
Sierras of Tandil and Ventana.

Valley of the Pinto and Choracato rivers, the El Cajón dam and Terrones, Los Gigantes, the Quebrada del Condorito National Park, and in all the sierra region, accessible from various tourist destinations in the province

San Luis
Sierra de los Comechingones, accessible from Merlo, Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, accessible from San Luis, and in all the sierra region.

San Juan
Calingasta, Valle de la Luna valley and all the cordilleran zone in general, accessible from San Juan.

The Aconcagua Provincial Park and all the cordilleran zone, accessible from Mendoza and also from San Rafael.

All the cordilleran region, specially within the Lanín National Park, accessible from San Martín de los Andes and Junín de los Andes, and Arrayanes, accessible from Villa La Angostura.

Río Negro
Otto Meiling refuge and Monte Tronador, Lopez mountain, Jacob lake, Emilio Frey refuge, Neumeyer refuge - Valle de Challhuaco valley in Bariloche, Cajón Azul, Lindo, Hielo Azul in El Bolsón, and all the region of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Puelo lake.

Cascada Cinco Saltos (five fall cascade), Cascada stream, Dedal and Cocinero mountains, Alto el Petizo mountain, Puerto Limonao - Krugger lake, washbasins of the Frey river and all the zone of the Los Alerces National Park, accessible from Esquel).
There are also a variety of options in Trevelín and in the area of the Futaleufú river.

Santa Cruz
Nimes lagoon, Lago Argentino lake, mini trekking on ice at the Perito Moreno glacier in El Calafate, Chorrillo del Salto, Torre mountain, Fitz Roy mountain, Piedra del Fraile, Lago del Desierto lake in El Chaltén, and all the zone of the Los Glaciares National Park.


Iguazu Adventure Travel & Tours ...

The marvelous scenery within Iguazu National Park is ideal for taking walks to get to know not only the famous and unforgettable falls, but also the less frequented places and to appreciate the wealth of the forest environment of the region.


Mendoza Adventure Travel & Tours ...

The Mendocina territory presents a series of hills and mountains that invite the tourist to practice trekking. Any person is able to enjoy this activity, experience is not required, for there are uncounted paths that present varying difficulty grades, with steep climbs and mountain shelters that allow for one or several days treks.
One of the most suggesting circuits is the Trek to the Aconcagua. The walking excursion starts at Puente del Inca Bridge, at 2700 m.a.s.l., taking then the Rio Horcones River route, whereupon one arrives to the Parque Provincial Aconcagua Provincial Park, with an approximate area of 71000 hectares.
The first stop in this circuit is made at Confluencia, at 3300 m.a.s.l., an intermediate camp where the first night is spent in tents. Next morning the path takes us to Plaza Francia, at 4200 m.a.s.l., returning then to Confluencia to spend the second night. The return to Ciudad de Mendoza City is on the third day, taking the route of Puente del Inca Bridge.


Salta Adventure Travel & Tours ...

Privileged, generous and diverse, nature in Salta is ideal for the practice of trekking, which unlike mountaineering does not have reaching a summit as its objective, but to enjoy by foot what the scenery has to offer, with its colors and sensations; besides the search for immensity and solitude.

Salta is a hiking place for beginners as well as for experimented trekkers. The hike around the San Bernardo and the San Lorenzo Mountains, in the City of Salta and its surroundings, is meant for those newcomers to trekking, and behind Campo Quijano, the Del Toro and Iruya Ravines are for the most experienced ones.

The route to (and by) Iruya is called "Towards the Valleys of Silence", and is realized in five days (soft) or seven days (intense), depending on the option chosen by the traveler. It starts and ends at the City of Salta through the Humahuaca Gorge in the Jujuy Province, up to the town of Iruya, an unexplored and magical region whose inhabitants live in the same way they have lived for centuries.

Other possibilities
  • The San Lorenzo Gorge.
  • A los Cojones.
  • The Finca Puerta del Cielo Ranch.
  • North Trekking, Hernán Uriburu, Tmo. San Lorenzo and the Finca Santa Anita Ranch.


San Luis Adventure Travel & Tours ...

San Luis has very singular walking trails to offer. They are all picturesque paths that run across scarped territories, streams and brooks, which culminate at springs emerging from deep beneath the sierra, or at impacting waterfalls with unparalleled enchantment.

The tourist operators of the area offer trekking circuits through which travellers can get to know places where nature is at its maximum splendour, and where it is possible to breathe the air from the sierras.

There are very interesting trekking circuits, like San José del Morro, Inti Anti, or the Villa de Merlo, for instance. However, and undoubtedly, the Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas National Park is the best option of them all.

It is a marvel which travellers can not miss for it presents a millenarian landscape in red polychrome tones, that many call the little Criollo Colorado Canyon, and because its entrails keep important fossils from the past and even dinosaurs tracks.

It is 120 kilometres away from the city of San Luis, going through the Ruta Nacional Nº 147 National Route. The entrance is through Hualtarán, where travellers are attended by the park guards. Hikes and photo safaris can be enjoyed through the interpretative paths of the park.

Three circuits have been organized within Potrero de la Aguada, which is in the central area.

1.- Miradores (Sightseeing Spots)
It is a hike going through the upper border of Potrero de la Aguada, a valley of about 4000 hectares. There are explicative stops at panoramic vistas and attractive spots along this circuit, such as mineral crystallisations, vegetable fossils, as well as fossils from animal tracks, among other interesting details.

With the same approach, the formation and composition of the valleys and the surrounding sierras are explained, along with the history of the place, visits to archaeological sites and palaeontology deposits; and regarding the National Park, its creation and purpose and its flora and fauna are exposed.

Necessary equipment: sun protection, comfortable shoes and half a litre of water.
Time schedule: from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM during the southern hemisphere's summer, and from 8:00 AM to 6:oo PM during the southern hemisphere's winter.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Range of difficulty: low.

2.- La Huella de Dinosaurio (The Dinosaur's Track)
It includes the previous circuit and incorporates an 150 metres descent hiking through a trail 1500 metres long, leading to one sauropod's and two ornithopod's tracks (both commonly known as dinosaurs). It also includes views of the Potrero de la Aguada's big rock walls from a lower angle.

Necessary equipment: sun protection, comfortable shoes, light coloured clothes and one litre of water.
Time schedule: from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the southern hemisphere's summer, and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the southern hemisphere's winter.
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the visitor's hiking rhythm.
Range of difficulty: low.

3.- Los Farallones (The Crags)
It includes the first of the mentioned circuits, and a descent to the bottom of Potrero de la Aguada is added (250 metres below approximately), along with a three kilometre hike to access a ravine with vertical 200 metre high crags.

Necessary equipment: sun protection, comfortable shoes, light coloured clothes and two litres of water.
Time schedule: from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM during the southern hemisphere's summer, and from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM during the southern hemisphere's winter.
Duration: 4 to 5.5 hours, depending on the visitor's hiking rhythm.
Range of difficulty: medium.


Jujuy Adventure Travel & Tours ...

Trekking is an activity, which both in Jujuy as anywhere else, allows the practitioner to discover the most hidden paths that will take him to landscapes he has only dreamt about.

In the Province of Jujuy, the wide canyon that forms the Río Grande River is known as the Gorge of Humahuaca and has always been the natural passage communicating the Puna High altitude plateaus with the lower valleys.

Here, aboriginal cultures passed through, leaving their strategic villages all over the land; later the Incas passed here when they annexed the region to their Empire; later yet the Spanish troops trying to invade north-eastern Argentina and also the Argentinean Gaucho armies when they liberated the area.

Today, it still remains the obligatory passage, one that allows the traveller to enjoy the natural beauty of the gorge and the Puna highland.

There are uncounted hills and mountains in the area to practise trekking in. This activity can be performed by anyone, since there are innumerable trails with different degrees of difficulty, both for persons with no previous experience (in low altitude hills), as well as for people with more experienced.

There also exist organised trekking tours, sometimes combined with other activities (over landing, archaeological tours, plant and wildlife observation, etc.) of different lengths and degrees of difficulty.

The best season for trekking is between March and December. We recommend you to bring:
  • Comfortable and warm clothing.
  • Hiking boots.
  • Sun hat and glasses.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Liquids for lunch and dinners.

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